01.11.2016 | Participation and Democracy, Armenia, Event

Legislative recommendations for state guarantees of the social rights of citizens of the Republic of Armenia

The Armenian Constitution has undergone considerable amendment since its entry into force in 1995. These amendments were due to the country's internal…


29.09.2016 | News, Participation and Democracy, Armenia, Event

Progress is possible... Youth Social Forum 2016 (Armenia)

YSF is a four-day forum, held this year for the fourth time in Armenia. It allows young people to deal with various social problems, to discuss them,…


28.09.2016 | News, Participation and Democracy, Georgia, Event

Women for Justice (Georgia)

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and Organization "Women for Justice" held a summarizing conference of the joint project on women's political engagement on…


19.07.2016 | News, Participation and Democracy, Event

FES Youth Lab on a Social and Democratic South Caucasus

The first FES Youth Lab on a Social and Democratic South Caucasus brought together 45 young leaders from Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia in Bazaleti,…


01.07.2016 | Peace and Security, Event

The Changing Geopolitics of the Caucasus

The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, and the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies…


30.06.2016 | Participation and Democracy, Event

Training of Trainers: Do not only talk about democracy

One of the prerequisites for democratization is the participation and active contribution of youth in politics and society.


16.05.2016 | News, Peace and Security, Event

“Teacher-Guide to Europe” (Georgia)

On 9-10 May 2016 Georgian teachers were invited to attend the seminar “Teacher-Guide to Europe.”


10.05.2016 | Participation and Democracy, Event

Academy of Social Democracy (Armenia)

The Academy of Social Democracy in Armenia gives progressive-minded youth the opportunity to study political ideology.


25.04.2016 | Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Georgia, Event

Industrial Policy for the Development of Georgia

For the past decade the neoliberal slogan “the best industrial policy is no industrial policy” has prevailed in Georgia. In response the FES, in…


01.04.2016 | Peace and Security, Event

Security Conference in Aghveran, Armenia

South Caucasus Security – Threats & Opportunities was the topic of a regional Conference in Aghveran, Armenia.



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