26.05.2015 | News, Participation and Democracy, Event

The importance of education for democracy and peace was the topic of a panel discussion with Edelgard Bulmahn, Vice-Speaker of the German Bundestag…


01.01.2015 | Peace and Security, Publication

Following Georgia’s change of government in 2012, which led to an easing of tensions between Tbilisi and Moscow, one also got the impression that…


15.12.2014 | Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Publication

The presented brochure unites research documents, expert assessments, and recommendations based on analysis of information. It describes the current…


19.10.2014 | Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Publication

This paper analyses diversification of Azerbaijan’s economy as well as evaluates fiscal and monetary policies on their contributions to GDP investment…


08.09.2014 | Participation and Democracy, Publication

For social-democrats the welfare state is not a side issue, but a requirement of democracy. It ensures equal freedom – full freedom. It is in the…


08.12.2013 | Participation and Democracy, Armenia, Publication

On February 25, 2013 Armenia’s Central Electoral Commission (CEC) officially announced the final results of the sixth presidential election in the…


08.10.2013 | Participation and Democracy, Georgia, Publication

The smooth transfer of power to the opposition following Georgia’s parliamentary election of October, 2012 was an unexpected and pleasant…


08.09.2013 | Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Georgia, Publication

The paper is a comparative analysis of Georgian laws and institutions as well as rights and duties in the field of labor protection, and the…


07.09.2013 | Participation and Democracy, Armenia, Georgia, Publication

“What would a fair and solidarity-based economic order look like? What kind of balance must be found between state and market? How can a modern,…


02.02.2013 | Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Armenia, Publication

The current economic policy practices of the Republic of Armenia do not secure market competitiveness, nor does the country have in place the proper…


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