24.01.2019 | Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Georgia, Publication

Most of developed as well as developing countries regulate the Minimum Wage by law. The Minimum Wage for countries vary and all serve some degree of…


18.01.2019 | Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Georgia, Publication

Gender Equality is a challenge for Georgia - changes are needed also at the legislative level. By signing the Association Agreement with the EU in…


14.01.2019 | Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Georgia, Publication

On 13 June 2018, the Georgian Parliament passed the Law on Social Work. The new law is a step forward to enhance and strengthen social work in…


10.01.2019 | Participation and Democracy, Armenia, Publication

Snap parliamentary elections were held in Armenia on December 9th, 2018. 11 parties and electoral alliances participated in this election,…


17.12.2018 | News, Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Armenia, Event

In September, the Armenian Prime Minister introduced the idea of implementing a flat scaled taxation system in Armenia. He argued that to attract…


26.10.2018 | News, Participation and Democracy, Armenia, Event

In times, where burning bridges becomes more and more fashionable, it is – sadly - of a certain rarity yet of outmost importance to carry out projects…


26.10.2018 | Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Georgia, Publication

Minimal standards of protection defined by the Association Agreement apply to all employees despite the field and nature of activities. How this…


23.10.2018 | News, Participation and Democracy, Regional, Event

FES Fall Academy on Economic Development strategies in South Caucasus took place in place in Kvareli, Georgia, on 20-23 of September. Participants…


23.10.2018 | Peace and Security, Regional, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Publication

This report represents the analysis of qualitative research findings on the major challenges of

Azerbaijan’s and Georgia’s policies on countering…


12.10.2018 | Participation and Democracy, Georgia, Publication

Georgia: A Social Democratic Peasant Republic, illustrates Kautsky’s vision of what a functioning social democratic state should look like. Kautsky…


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