Challenges for Industrial Policy in Georgia

After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Georgia underwent a complete deindustrialization. At that time, dozens of factories were destroyed or sold for scrap. In fact, the economic structure suffered a setback and the dissolution of the industrial sector left the country with agriculture alone.

In order to achieve a fundamental shift in the economic and social situation, the state needs to review the less-established approach on the country's economic development.

It’s necessary to switch from dependence on tourism and finance to the path of national production. Industrial production is the main economic activity that ensures greater sustainability, a larger amount of jobs, and economic growth.

The aim of this research is to analyze the current challenges of industrial policy in Georgia as well as to encourage qualified public debate on the issue of industry.


Authors: David Adeishvili, Tato Khundadze, Gocha Gunava

Research Consultant: Erik Terk

Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Centre for Social Studies, 2016.

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