Youth Study Comparative Analysis 2023: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia

Since 2009, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES) has conducted youth studies in many countries of the world. These studies focus on young people’s perceptions of societal development and their pros­pects during times of national and global transformation.

The studies combine qualitative and quan­titative research conducted in close cooperation with regional research teams. The second wave of studies in three South Caucasian countries – Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Georgia - was conducted in 2022 among young people aged 14-29. The purpose of the studies was to provide insights into the attitudes, hopes, beliefs, and future perspectives of young people in the region. Additionally, the studies explored various domains, including education, employment and mobility, family and friends, as well as political attitudes and perceptions.

These studies of young South Caucasians were conducted during an important period for all three countries, associated with dramatic geopolitical changes in the region, the post-COVID-19 recovery, the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and the September 2023 conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan. Those events had a significant impact on young people, shaping their worldview, beliefs, attitudes, opinions, and positions on the future.

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