Social Justice, Economy and Labor

All three countries of the South Caucasus are grappling with serious social and economic challenges, with high unemployment and poverty consistently among their most pressing concerns. After the 1990s witnessed the collapse of economic and social security structures, a wave of liberalization and deregulation drastically altered the countries’ economic landscapes. This process is still a subject of contemporary debate. The FES works to promote a more sustainable approach to policy, with the aim of creating more inclusive economic and social systems. Free and modern trade unions, which advocate for labor rights and sound labor relations, are a crucial element of this goal.

Latest Events

24.11.2022 | Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Armenia, Event

160 teachers from different Armenian communities participated in a two-days teachers' conference on October 28th to 30th, 2022.


| Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Georgia, Event

Within the framework of the EU-funded employment promotion project - ESCape, the training of (project) job coaches is being intensively carried out in…


10.12.2021 | Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Georgia, Event

FES is supporting the Trade Union School project in Georgia that was initiated by "weltumspannend arbeiten", an association of the Austrian Trade…


Latest Publications

| Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Georgia, Publication

Youth are a crucial part of the society that can not only play the role of ordinary participants in the process of change and development, but become…


05.10.2022 | Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Georgia, Publication

"The number of students whose studies have been suspended is higher than ever." Every year in November and April, this saying reminds social media…


23.06.2022 | Social Justice, Economy and Labor, Georgia, Publication

Social Protection in Georgia: What can be learned from Germany?


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